The place where timing, opportunity, risk, and fate intersect

This crossroads is where magic happens. I've been surrendering my life up to the cosmos, releasing my *very* tight grasp on what happens in my life and my reactions to it. Moving out has given me blessed release to just be, and to live more openly than ever before. It's good though, that I waited... Continue Reading →


The Struts – An electric current

Sitting here, thinking about going to work tomorrow, and I feel the electric current still running through me from last night. The kind of electricity that can bring you back from the brink of a flat line and that can only be experienced front row at a rock concert. Not just any rock concert. The... Continue Reading →

Friday Feel Good

Friday just feels like this today: Mr. Ritter so awesomely puts out another amazing song that just hits you right in the groove of your heart that makes you smile and want to dance down the street on your way to work. This has been my jam for the last two weeks. "They said your... Continue Reading →

Girl who Reads

There are beautiful, secretive moments that transpire between author and reader, particularly when to the outside world, you're just reading a book; but between you and the author, you just read something incredibly sexy, or thought provoking, or devastating. From the outside, you're just reading, but internally your mind is a swirling vortex of imagination,... Continue Reading →

Owl Crate and mail happiness!

After sitting on the fence for a while, I finally took the plunge and delved into a subscription to Owl Crate, an awesome service that sends you a box of bookish happiness each month. There's so many of these mail services now, and they all sound equally fabulous (Birch Box, Stitch Fix, Sketch Box, Send... Continue Reading →

That great feeling when…

That great feeling when you share something with someone that they've never heard of before, and they end up loving it. I also love the reverse- someone telling me about something that I didn't know before, which is primarily how I've come to love the things I love. All because someone shared it with me.... Continue Reading →

So It Is and So It Begins

When I had Facebook, for a very long time, this quote was my cover photo. I loved it because it reinforced in me the need to get to the heart of who I am as a person and where I want to go in life. It also gave me a great deal of perspective during... Continue Reading →

My first Pride Parade Experience!

  On Sunday, I attended the NYC Pride Parade for the first time, and it was glorious. I arrived in New York's Grand Central with two of my friends. We headed to the middle of the main concourse to meet up with our darling friend Niku. This was also his first Pride, and we were... Continue Reading →

On the Beauty of Women

I love reading this blog every day, but this particular post struck me. Please, enjoy, and hopefully find a way to make your world a little kinder, more understanding place.

The Better Man Project ™

Before I start this, I want to make something clear. This post is not coming from a man who has had an easy time his whole life with women. In fact, I have had my heart broken more times than I care to admit. I have shed tears, been betrayed in the worst of ways and have been made to feel unimportant, almost to the point where I thought I didn’t exist. And even through all of this, I can still put my heart on the line for women because I believe in one fundamental reality.

Women are beautiful.

Last night, one of my best friends sent me an article and asked for my thoughts. So I opened it up and read the first line. “I’m just gonna come out and say it: I love insecure women.” I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and continued reading on for…

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