A Fashionista Halloween

It’s been a minute since I’ve updated and I can think of no better day to do it!

As mentioned in blogs past, I love Halloween; its historical origins and even some of the modern day fun of watching my nieces and nephews get all dressed up for trick or treating for the first time.

Last year, being pressed for time to think up and execute a costume, I ended up selling out and bought something from one of those over priced pop up costume stores. Last Halloween held its own excitement as it was the night my brother proposed to his fiance (she said yes!) and it was thrilling to be part of the night.

As someone who usually puts loads of thought and creativity into my costume, having to buy something I would wear for one night and then probably toss was annoying. I’m also someone who is extremely fond of shopping small (farmer’s markets and local businesses are where I try to spend my money versus bigger corporations or chain stores). I can usually construct something out of clothes I already have, borrowing or buying small accessories here and there to create a complete look. I actively try not to visit the chain stores for things, preferring to thrift or borrow from friends or family.

This year, I started early with my planning and ideas. I wanted to go as a fortune teller. A friend of mine pointed me in the direction of a vintage shop called Fashionista that was conveniently located right near where I worked. He had rented costumes from them for a play he put on, and the shop has a great system: you paid for the cost of the costume up front, then upon returning it, you get 2/3 of the money back.


I went down to the shop on a lunch break. It was quiet in the store, still a few weeks til Halloween, and the staff could not have been more helpful (or more fun!).

We immediately started putting things together, and I ended up with a kick ass costume and a great experience I would not have gotten at a chain store.

The amazing ladies hooked me up with earrings, a necklace, the scarf, and this amazing red dress. I provided the make up, black shirt and dress underneath.

I got TONS of compliments at party I attended, and felt awesome and fun all night!

Returning everything was just as easy. I walked down on my break with all the items they had rented to me, had them checked and accounted for and gave them back.

The total I gave them was $126.00 and the amount I got back was $81, meaning it cost me all of $45, which I probably would have spent on some cheaply made costume that I would end up tossing. All of the make up I used was my day to day make up, with the addition of some temporary tattoos I got for $2. (*Life hack: scotch tape takes temporary tattoos clean off!*) 

Fashionista is also a Vintage store where you can purchase fabulous vintage fashions. Their staff is incredibly friendly and helpful and I will definitely visit them again for all my costume and vintage needs!


Happy Halloween!


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