Owl Crate and mail happiness!

After sitting on the fence for a while, I finally took the plunge and delved into a subscription to Owl Crate, an awesome service that sends you a box of bookish happiness each month.

There’s so many of these mail services now, and they all sound equally fabulous (Birch Box, Stitch Fix, Sketch Box, Send me Gluten Free, and tons more- check out Crate Joy for others!)

But basically, you can sign up  for anything you want and receive magic in the mail each month, depending on your own interests.

I went with Owl Crate mostly because I have a thriving passion for YA novels, and Owly swag. I signed up, and then nearly burst from the excitement of the anticipation- waiting for my little brown box with the owls on it to arrive on my stoop.

When it arrived, my little heart nearly burst! And it was an awesome box!  The book sounds amazing, and it came with a beautiful bracelet with a Harry Potter quote on it that punched me right in the feels, a pack of the most awesome post cards ever, and a pack of Book Buddies that are basically little owl post its that now life on my desk and spread joy throughout my office building.

So if you love getting mail, and love something that can be boxed up and sent to you once a month, find a crate that speaks to you!


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