Friday Playlist

Music is an everyday absolute necessity. Whether I’m going to work out, walking on my lunch to get coffee, driving in the car, etc, there is always music.

My library has recently passed the 5,000 song mark. I’m quite picky with my music, but still manage to have a range from current top 40 pop to indie folk to metal to classical. It all depends on what kind of mood I’m in. Obscure is good, weird is even better, danceable is the best, but so is vibey music (definition: music you can just sit down and chill with).

I want to keep blogging, and with the worry of becoming too one note (pun!) I wanted to instill a weekly play list. As of late, I’ve also been missing my college DJ days where i got to make a playlist every week. The best is when I get to turn people onto new music that they then enjoy (plz see blog about The Still Tide).

So this week’s playlist sounds like this:

In the Sea by Ingrid Michaelson, Album: Human Again

Say Hello, Wave Goodbye by David Gray, Album : White Ladder

The Water in the Pipes by The Kissing Club Album : Hooks

Sing by Travis, Album: Singles

Signs by Bloc Party, Album : Intimacy

Beating Heart by Elle Goulding Album: Divergent Soundtrack

Different Names for the Same Thing by Death Cab for Cutie, Album: Plans

The Curse by Josh Ritter, Album: So Runs the World Away

Closer Apart by The Still Tide, Album: Half Empty Rooms

Through My Teeth by Yet Cut Breath Album : Hinges

Sidekick by Walk the Moon, Album: Talking is Hard

These are just songs I’ve listening to at length this week, or songs that came on that stood out. I’ll try to keep it fresh every week for ya! I hope you’ll look some up and enjoy.


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