Yet Cut Breath Hinges on this Tindered heart in a Half Empty Room

I awoke this morning to my companion leaping from the bed and dashing for the door. Startled, I roused and opened the door for him to escape. This is pretty much par for the course, as Finley usually excuses himself this time every morning. He exited in a flurry of fur. Still exhausted, I fell back into my sheets and slept a bit more. Upon waking a second time, my faithful companion had returned, and was quietly snoring at my feet.

Coffee was a must. I grabbed the book I had been trying to read all week and sat down. After 4 pages, I realized I wasn’t paying attention- I was still reeling from last night, and couldn’t fight the need to write it down.

The lovely Brittany Sanchez (of Sanchez Family of Two blog- link on the side  of my page) and I embarked on her first Brooklyn adventure last night. Scurrying from work half an hour early, we caught the train and our night began. Fortunate enough to have our paths cross when we were hired 7 months ago, we have been kindred spirits from the start. A bright, warm and sweet to the core soul, Brittany has an adventurous spirit and a knack for capturing and preserving moments.

We  arrived, we took the subway to Brooklyn, and for the first time, I didn’t get off and walk the wrong way for two blocks. Our first mission was FOOD, glorious food! We stopped in randomly to a place called the Northern Bell, and were delightfully surprised. Bellies full, we continued on, our destination on the left- The Living Room.

I started listening to the band The Still Tide when they were known as Yet Cut Breath a few years ago. It was one of those amazing moments when you heard a band’s music and felt like they understood absolutely every feeling you had. The sounds that come forth from these brilliant musicians blend and dance together- like a perfect ballet dance for your ears.

Jake’s echoing chords and riffs compliment Anna’s perfectly soulful voice that knows how to pluck your heart strings just right, and Aaron’s perfectly constructed and meticulous percussion provides the backbone of the whole operation. When you listen to their music, live or on CD, you’re left open-hearted and full.

And I didn’t even touch on the lyrics. As I’m writing this, the song Field of Bells off their new EP ‘Half Empty Rooms’ is playing- “If you can’t always find it, put your head against our hearts, look inside them/ If you worry that it’s broken, put your hands against your ribs and let ’em open you up/ let ’em open you up.” (Song Credit- Anna Morsett and Jake Miller).  For your own discovery, please see their website and get acquainted.

We arrived at the venue- a beautiful brick establishment with high ceilings, fairy lights and a cozy atmosphere. We checked in, and walked through a velvety red curtain to a cabaret style room. To our left, a bar up on a landing, and before us, tables and chairs laid out before a stage. The Still Tide was just beginning, so we quickly got our seats and settled in. I kept looking at Brittany, checking her reaction. I had sent her the band’s website to listen to some of their music ahead of time. Just as two people never read the same book, two people never listen to music the same way.

I love going to shows not having heard the music beforehand. I knew the band had a new EP, but I hadn’t heard it yet. There’s also a sense of joy as a an audience member going up to the group afterward and buying the music from them directly. (See the Amanda Palmer TED  talk, the Art of Asking). This band and their art has comforted me through break ups, new loves, sleepless nights, and long drives. The generosity of this group goes so far that they mentioned to the crowd in between songs, that people could just take the EP, even if they didn’t have the cash to pay for it.  They were really proud of it and wanted people to hear it.

After the band played their last song and broke down the stage, Brittany and I chatted, sharing our feelings and thoughts about everything that just happened. Loving that they covered a song from Grease, adoring the song with the guest xylophone player, giggling at Anna’s jokes, Jake’s perfect dancing, Aaron’s joyful facial expressions as he drummed. We gave what we had to the donation jar, and walked away with the new EP,  a beautiful poster and amazing experience for each of us.  When they disembarked from the stage, hugs and love and “so happy to see you’s” and “Thank you for comings” were exchanged, and carried on for a bit in the bar.

Eventually, we said our good nights, our final thank yous and collected the last of the hugs. Embarking for home, Brittany and I practically danced down Metropolitan ave to the subway. It made me so happy to hear that she’d loved the entire experience, and that she loved Brooklyn and hoped that we could have an adventure like this again. (You can read her account of the night on her blog!)

The Still Tide is currently headed to Europe for the next seven weeks. If you’re reading this from over there, please, please, go see them.

Before last night, it had been quite a while since I had jumped a train and gone to a show. The nights that I spend going to shows and seeing bands play are the nights I always remember the best, the fondest- the connections made, the way certain songs made me feel  (based on whatever was happening in my life at the time), and the exchange of love between audience and artist is something that is absolutely priceless.


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