To The Girl I Loved, Played, And Lost

Wow. I read this blog today and it just blew my mind. It’s an amazing piece. This is the tragedy of the games people play in love. This is the sadness and the regret that I think everyone can relate to, at one point or another in their life.

Thought Catalog

Our game was going well. I texted just enough to keep you interested. We went out just enough to keep it fresh. I played it perfectly. Yet now, our last night together, as I drive you home, I knew I had lost. You’ve barely said a word. You’ve looked at me once, only to make sure I knew the way. And now, as I drop you off, I lean in and apologize. For everything. For tonight. For every night before. You smile weakly and say it’s okay, that you’re not upset or anything, but I know better. How did we get here?

I knew how it worked. I knew all your tells. I knew all the little tricks to drive you crazy, crazy for me. It was a game, and I was in control. Right from the start I didn’t even so much as look at you. I talked and…

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