This is why I don’t read the news

So, WTNH posted this story recently which made my brain want to leak out of my ears and fall despairingly to the floor.

I would like to live in a world where women are not objectified by their body. This is pure evidence of the rape culture we live in. This says to me that this man (THIS MAN- not all men. See what I did there?) #1 is promoting the male sense of entitlement to objectify and treat women not as human beings, but simply as objects. #2, it screams out loud that who women are as people is completely irrelevant to society because instead of seeing women as people, women are  as the clothes they wear, the way they look and how they fit in their jeans. Personally, I don’t get dressed every day with the intent of drawing attention to myself. I put on what looks good and professional for my job, or I wear what I’m comfortable in (I do prefer not to wear pajamas in public, but that’s just me). And if I am out in public, and someone cares enough to take my photo, then do the human thing, and ask me if you can first. We have become a society of “take what we want when we want.”  Only by creating a consent culture (which needs the help of EVERYONE) can we hope to maybe eradicate centuries of treating women like second class citizens and sexual objects for male viewing pleasure as well as this insane sense of entitlement. A matter of manners, which I think we can all agree have been forsaken in the face of the modern times. “May I please?” “Would you mind?” are all examples of an active consent culture. This is how I begin sentences, whether I’m speaking to the person at the drive thru or my boss, because, MANNERS MATTER.

Technology has also created a voyeuristic sense of entitlement that allows people instant gratification under the guise that their reality and every experience is worth sharing. News flash- not every single thing that happens to you throughout the day is newsworthy. Not every post is a rare gemstone of information that we’re all salivating to experience.

Moral of this story- women are people, not things, and NO you don’t have the right to photograph someone without their permission, because they’re a person who has the right to their body and has a say in what happens to it.

And one final thought- its not the clothes that a person wears that invites assault or violence towards them. Its the entitlement of the other person to have zero regard for a fellow human being and to get what they want.

*drops the mic*

Also- I have 5 other points / examples in my head that I don’t have time to formulate now. Stay tuned, this rant is far from over.


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