“Be yourself. E…

“Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.” – Oscar Wilde

After lamenting for nearly a year that I wanted to begin blogging, I feel its past time, long over due and about gosh darn time that I raise this voice that I exercise so emphatically day in and day out. So as I stand at the mouth of the blogosphere and shout my name, allowing it to reverberate throughout the deafening infinity of the vast, cold internet, I wonder, who will hear me?

A little about me: I’m a victim advocate/community educator for a sexual assault crisis center. Its a tough job, no doubt about that, and it wasn’t in my plan when I graduated college that that was where I was headed. It just kind of happened. I wouldn’t trade my experiences for anything. 

Surprisingly, either as my brain’s way of balancing and processing the difficulty of work, I have a rather keen and sharp sense of humor as a result. NEVER making jokes about the subject matter of the work I do, but finding light in dark places. I’ll be curious to see how successfully (if at all) my humor translates to writing. I love comedy, and I thrill at the success of making someone laugh. Some of my favorite comedic actors or writers include Robin Williams, Margaret Cho, Tina Fey, Nia Vardalos, Nathan Lane, Rachel Dratch, Will Ferrel, Ellen DeGeneres, David Ives, Debra DeGiovanni, and many I’ll learn of and  be inspired by as time goes on.

I’m the kind of person who wants to be learning new things; if I’m fortunate enough to live into my 80’s, I desire to be one of those little, old, kick-ass biddies who is asking her grand kids how to use the latest techno gadget, and will still insist on wearing high heels and lipstick- even though I’ll probably be applying lipstick like lip liner at that point. Actually…that’s not quite so far off from what happens now, so really nothing will have changed. 

I’ll never forget looking through an old photo album with my mom, and seeing a picture of a woman in short shorts and a tank top and high heels climbing a flag pole. Turns out, it was my great grandmother, affectionately known as Memé, and she did what she wanted. In that moment, I knew I wanted to be just like her. Fearless and funky, and not a particular giver of fucks. ( There will be some strategically placed profanity throughout my blog posts, mostly for fun, but also for emphasis).

I’m still currently single (4 years going strong!) and am a proud survivor of the shit show known as online dating. I promise to regale you in my next post of the trials and tribulations of navigating love on the high seas of the world wide web, and what its like to scrape the bottom of the online dating barrel. (But in their profile they seemed so NICE!) After 14 dates, each one more ridiculous than the last, I finally decided to take my chances offline in the wild; an idea that may yet prove to have been a good one.

I am a lover of music and art. My self care involves going out to hear live music as often as I can, whether its in a little dive bar, or at venues like Terminal 5 in New York City. Concerts I saw last year included Josh Ritter (twice), The Naked and Famous, The Felice Brothers, You Won’t, The Spring Standards, Red Wanting Blue, Barnaby Saints, Jack White, Capital Cities, The Whigs, The Drive Thru Truckers, and that’s all I can remember right now. This year, I’m hoping to see The Naked in Famous when they play CT with Imagine Dragons in March, and I’ve secured tickets to see HAIM in NYC which is positively thrilling. Josh Ritter is my favorite song writer. There’s a story behind that, but it’s not for tonight.

I partake in photography at an amateur level. Feel free to peruse my photos on flickr.  http://www.flickr.com/photos/justineejarvie/    

I also have a background in theatre. I began college as a theatre major, and I have little to no trouble speaking in front of large groups (I do it for a living, which should tell you something). I don’t get to see plays as often as I would like, but I’m hoping to change that this year, as I am hoping to make theatre and travel priorities. I’ve been outside US borders twice, once to the south, and once to the north, both times not requiring a passport (back in the day). But I want to stretch my legs and see countries like New Zealand, Ireland, England, Scotland, France, Italy, Greece, and even other states in the US. The list goes ever on. Its a goal  of mine to obtain my passport this year.

So, to summarize, I’m a 27 year old lady, fighting for whats right by day, with a sense of humor for just about everything life throws at me, a reviving love life, and a can-do attitude. I hope to share with you some humor, the lighter side of life, and the bounties of shopping local, sharing with you fun restaurants and vendors in my area that I’ve grown fond of and why. 

So this will be a blog about life, love, and the hilarity that will ensue. 






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